Savision’s free product had been downloaded thousands of times.
Yet, they weren’t seeing the conversion of free requests into
paying customers. They asked MCG to help devise a strategy
to help convert requests into customers without adding additional
sales people.


Collecting leads was easy. Suspects came in droves, completed the form and downloaded the software. However, when that software expired, Savision had trouble converting those leads into opportunities. Sales people spent days – if not weeks – trying to get hold of leads, only to realize the lead never made full use of the product.


MCG developed a comprehensive lead-nurturing strategy for automating the education and follow-up process of the free download process. MCG used Marketo’s Marketing Automation platform to capture leads as well as nurture and score them based on certain behaviors. Leads received several automated interactions via email. As a result, the leads’ interest increased, and a task was automatically added for a sales person to call them and add the human touch.


Marketing automation helped Savision convert free leads into evaluations and paying customers, more than they ever had before. Savision was also able to automate other education processes based on where the opportunity was in the sales cycle.