Recruiting gives any modeling agency its edge. These days, social media is critical for scouting and locking in new talent before your competition finds them, and such was the case with NYMM, one of the most elite modeling agencies in the world. They have represented Elle Macpherson and continually have a bevy of top models working for them.


NYMM had a blog, Twitter, and Facebook presence. Despite this, they just weren’t getting the new faces or reach they expected. The journey for new model acquistion wasn't working well. With global scouting more important than ever before, NYMM needed to use social media in order to reach new international faces.


MCG crafted and executed on a strategy, which re-thought the digital journey for talent acquisition. MCG created the social media infrastructure and processes necessary for NYMM’s campaign to succeed. Updating the blogging platform; linking and integrating various social media outlets; making Facebook a central acquisition point—all these were geared toward drawing in new faces.


Through MCG’s social media solutions, NYMM was able to publish content across social media channels with a click of a button. It improved awareness, attracted thousands of new fans, and most importantly, brought in scores of new faces from all corners of the globe.