A seemingly impossible mission. A touch app software start-up, later acquired by Intel, had the vision of creating a multi-faceted student learning environment in 6 months. With an ever-changing marketplace, the startup required a coordinated and focused effort to understand its customer journey and prototype 9 production-pathed products simultaneously to get to market with a viable product.


The startup had a grand vision. They needed a smart team, instantly. They needed a partner to help define products, build product management processes, and drive product delivery in a customer-centered way. Timeframes were tight. Stakes were high. Many of the resources required to deliver were off-shore.


MCG’s principal worked with the startup’s VP of Products to help define products. We rapidly defined hundreds of requirements and worked with a UX team to design the customer experience and product user journeys. MCG then helped define and orchestrate a multi-timezone Agile development process. Scrums were completed daily. Scrums rolled up daily into a scrum-of-scrum model. Everyone knew where the problems were and what required focus. MCG also developed a comprehensive staffing and forecasting plan.


products The startup was able to build its 9 products rapidly with a high-level of quality.