Zenprise, now Citrix's Xenmobile, is a leader in mobile device and security management. In an increasingly competitive market, Zenprise needed a way to differentiate its products from the average mobile device security platform. MCG analyzed its customer journey to determine "moments of truth" to not only differentiate its offering, but also make the barrier of comparison to other vendors substantial.


Smartphone usage was exploding in the enterprise. Zenprise was an early entrant into the mobile management space. Yet, more companies than ever before were adding smartphone management capabilities. Zenprise’s patented technology really set it apart. Yet, it needed a way to highlight how it was different for technical decision makers during the awareness phase of its customer journey.


MCG set out to create a set of white papers or eBooks to show how Zenprise was different. By illustrating over 160 different problem-solving examples, MCG was able to create the collateral necessary to set Zenprise’s solution apart.


Zenprise was able to close more deals faster than ever before inpart to its sales tools. After that, Zenprise has been crowned the leader for its vision and completeness by Gartner.